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PISSburgh Race Recaps

Race 1 - May 23, 2010

In our first race since the reestablishment of PISSburgh, three cars were planning to race, but because of damage during transit to the "Harbor Fright"'s steering support, only two cars competed in the first race, The Generalee and "Bruiser". "The Generalee" took the trophy by a nose. When we brought the cars back up for a second race, a resident came out of their house to kindly inform us that we were on private property and that they would call the cops if we didn't leave, so we decided to run one more race to the bottom of the hill and bail. The irony of someone referring to a public road as private property led us to name this course "Private Property".

Race 2 - May 23, 2010

Our second race was at "The Pit", a decent length course with some seriously sharp turns. Three cars raced, "The Generalee", "Bruiser" and the "Harbor Fright". Half of the course was cobblestone which made for some very bumpy rides. The hard bumps combined with The Generalee's lack of suspension caused the headrest (a 12" unistrut bar) to fly off about half way down the course. "Bruiser" and the "Harbor Fright" had to do some quick maneuvering to miss it as it tumbled down the road. In the end all three car's finished without injury and The Generalee took the trophy.  Fun was had by all.

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