PISSburgh PISS Soap Box Racing

Prior to any race date, the secret Meeting Location will be announced on the Message Boards at our Google Group page, which can be accessed here: http://groups.google.com/group/pittsburgh-illegal-soapbox-society.  It may also be announced on event fliers and the web site, but officially it is on the message boards, so look for it there!

We generally try to meet near the course at some sort of easy gathering place.  A shopping center or other parking lot where everyone can park and gather.

We have a quick Driver’s Meeting to describe the course and any other important information concerning this event. This is the time to ask any last minute questions about the event.  This is NOT the time to have us explain all the rules to you and tell you how things are generally done.  You are supposed to know that BEFORE you show up.  This Driver’s Meeting applies ONLY to the course and event we are about to run.

The Driver’s Meeting will conclude with the card draw for starting positions.

We will then do our work assignments for our volunteers.

At this point, everyone will make their way to the starting area of the course and get their gear unloaded.  

This is the time to be quick and quiet!  If we take too long, or make too much noise, we draw unwanted attention and give the cops time to show up.  We need to get unloaded, set up and started as quickly as possible in order to get our run in before the Law arrives.

As soon as our course workers are in place, we will ask the drivers to bring their cars to their starting positions.
This will be followed by a call of “DRIVER’S READY?”  Respond ONLY if you are NOT READY!  And be aware, this may not be enough to hold the field from the official start.  We may start without you!  But if we can, we will try to make sure everyone is ready to go.

At this time, we have the “3 – 2 – 1 – RELEASE THE BRAKE” Starter command by the Designated Starter for the event.

It’s all Down Hill from there!



We may have Chase Trucks or Cars follow the field down the course.  Their job is to try to block other motorized vehicular traffic from interfering with the run.  They are also our first responders should we have an incident during the run.  And they may also be doing the job of video and still photographer.  These duties will depend solely on who we have to perform them.  We may not have anyone available to do this. 

The first car to reach the finish line is the winner.   We may have an official at the bottom of the course to score the cars as they finish.  But, we may also have to rely on the Honor Method of finishing positions.

On most courses, we will try to have a designated pull off area.  This will be covered in the Driver’s Meeting.  After crossing the Finish, try to bring your car to a controlled stop in this designated area.  Keep in mind others will be finishing behind you, so give them room.  This is a safety issue so we don’t have cars stopping in the middle of motorized traffic.

Following this run, we will try to get all the cars back up the hill as quickly as possible so we can do a few fun runs before we have to disperse.  So if you want to run again, get you car ready to be taken back up the hill as soon as you can.

The winner for the first run will be awarded the Trophy for the win. The Skunk trophy will also be awarded to the last finisher of the event. 

To be considered a finisher, you must make it to the finish line ONLY under the power of gravity.  You can not push, pull, or drag your car to the line and be considered a finisher.  You must drive it.  And you must drive it the entire length of the course.  If you crash or brake down and can’t drive it to the finish, you will not be considered a finisher.

Following the days events, we may all meet at a local restaurant or watering hole to do a little socializing and bench racing.